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Hi there, I’m Amanda and I'd like to welcome you to The Pretty House Team.com! Whether you've come here searching for a home, which by the way you can do in the search bar right above me or you're curious about market values aka what's my home worth you've come to the right place! First a little bit about us. I'm a full time real estate broker who's been successfully doing this since 2004. I work in residential purchase and sales in Pinellas County and I love what I do! Our team is a little bit different than most and I'm sure you're already like “What?! Please, no. Every realtor is the same !” It's not true. We give you free information before you even think you might need it! What do I mean? Test me! Just click to enroll in the newsletter! Every week you'll get useful free awesome and sometimes comical information delivered right to you! Let's be honest you're not going remember to come back to this website! If you don't like what you read you can always unsubscribe. It's cool events that are going on in our area! Free stuff that's happening and yes every once in a while some tips and tricks about real estate and possibly ways you can save money! Who doesn't want that?! That's all for now. Thanks again for visiting ThePrettyHouseTeam.com!